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Midwife - husband. midwife for women, French obstetrician, ny doctor, maternity assistant; wrapper, babich, receiver; midwife, midwife, grandmother, receiver, in a ryaz. grandfather, didanya; a scientist grandmother who was on trial. Obstetricians, midwives, them personally ... ... Dahl's Explanatory Dictionary.

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Dictionary of pronunciation and stress problems in modern Russian. obstetrician - (obstetrician, obstetrician) obstetrician Bzyl'fyge laermykhyem kIeletsIykIu ygyotyneu hume ykIi kIale zigotykhekIi mediemke IepiIeg'u ezyteu, asche feg'eg'yesag .

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Obstetrics is a direction in medicine that deals with the study of physiological and pathological processes that begin in a woman's body from the moment of conception of a child until his birth. Also, this discipline is studying the prevention of complications that can occur during pregnancy and after the birth of a child. An obstetrician is a medical specialist who must have a secondary medical education, is engaged in planning pregnancy, conceiving a child, labor and the period after the birth of a child. Must have knowledge and skills regarding surgical care for a woman in labor.

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OUR Casino dictionary of the Russian language by Max Vasmer. The main specialization of this doctor is the physical and psychological preparation of women for childbirth. The specialization of obstetrician and obstetrician-gynecologist should not be confused. The doctor of the last specialization must have a higher medical education.

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scheduled examination of a woman during childbearing and during prenatal, postnatal activities. Also, a health worker of this specialization must be able to distinguish the rate of fetal development from pathology; taking analyzes; the ability to conduct dopplerography; the implementation of all the necessary measures to prepare a woman for labor; control of casino condition during childbirth, the ability to accept the fetus; measurement of the main physical indicators of the fetus; umbilical cord processing; the ability to assess the state of the placenta.

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It should be noted that the work of an obstetrician requires not only professional skills, but also stress resistance, since the process of childbirth is very difficult. The health of both the mother and the newborn depends on the correctness of actions.

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The obstetrician can prescribe the casino laboratory research methods: tests for sexually transmitted diseases; complete blood count and detailed biochemical analysis; general urine analysis; tests for the presence of antibodies to viruses and bacteria in the blood; hormonal research; genetic research.

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If necessary, the doctor can refer the patient for ultrasound diagnostics. You need to visit an obstetrician as soon as conception of a child is planned or after confirmation of the fact of pregnancy. The schedule of visits to a medical specialist of this classification is determined individually. This casino will make it possible to diagnose or prevent the development of threats during pregnancy in a timely manner.

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It should be noted that in most cases, the appointment should take place in conjunction with an obstetrician-gynecologist. During the initial examination, the obstetrician fills out the personal medical card of casino woman and issues a referral to visit specialized doctors - endocrinologist, cardiolog, casino, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist. A referral to laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods is also issued.

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A routine checkup when visiting an obstetrician may include the following: measurement of blood pressure, physical indicators of the mother; measuring the circumference of the abdomen; diagnosis of the position of the fetus.


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In the event that predisposing factors to pathology are found during the physical examination, a referral is issued for an appropriate additional examination. If a visit to an obstetrician is planned, you should first prepare for it:


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two days before visiting a medical specialist, you should completely abandon the consumption of alcoholic beverages; if laboratory slots casino are expected, the rules for their collection should be followed; if a visit to an obstetrician is expected before conceiving a child, it is advisable to visit a doctor together with a partner.

On average, for the entire period of pregnancy, the expectant mother should make 10-12 visits.

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